Shortly about the Nenets:

The Nenets are an indigenous people from the Russian Arctic. Today approximately 42.000 Nenets inhabit the Nenets Autonomous District of the Arkhangelsk Region and the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District of the Tyumen Region, which are located beneath the Nova Zembla islands. While many Nenets live in villages the traditional reindeer herding livelihood remains important, both economically and culturally. The family groups that live semi-nomadically with their reindeer have previously endured challenges of colonial intrusions, civil war, revolution and forced collectivization. Their livelihood is today again seriously threatened. The infrastructures of the oil and gas industry affect migration routes while the pastures are vulnerable for pollution and rising temperatures. Also for Nenets who follow modern careers, racial discrimination often declines living standards.

tundra1A Nenets chum nearby Naryan-Mar (Rosanne van Klaveren, Nov. 2012)


In my opinion, the Nenets are an interesting people with a rich culture. Because it is difficult for the Nenets to sustain their culture and traditional livelihood, I want to help them.

What are your thoughts, concerning the Nenets? Do you think helping them is a good idea?! How can we do that?

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  • Anna Sunna

    The Nenets needs to be heard outside their land so that more people will have knowledge about problematics and their situation. Then even more people can help them in different ways. Helping the Nenets is absolutely right! We all must spread the word, and build a group…

  • iben

    Help is tricky. My advice is for the Nenets to join other peoples in similar situations: become a bigger unit, become a part of a group who can speak up. Isolation and singularity is a deroute. I think.

  • -

    You are helping them because your project comes from the hart!

  • Aartjan

    Helping is always OK, but only if they want to be helped.

  • -

    Nenets: be care and take care!

  • Berry

    You can help them by bringing their situation under attention. Press, Media etc.

  • Arnoud

    Good luck with your trip to the Nenets!