Shortly about the project:

NIVA TO NENETS is an interactive roadmovie in which my Lada Niva is driven from Belgium to the Nenets in the northwest of the Russian Federation, as a gift. The idea behind this is that I want to do something for the Nenets to support them, because it is often difficult for them as an indigenous people within a globalizing world to sustain their culture and traditional reindeer herding livelihood. But the fact that I am of Western-European origin makes my ‘urge to do good’ questionable, no matter how well meant my intentions are. Many examples of previous Western-European support to indigenous peoples proof how arrogant and even harmful ‘bringing help’ can be. I wish to discuss this in the roadmovie: what has happened and what is still happening to the indigenous Arctic peoples under the umbrella of ‘help’.


Several local people, including Greenlanders and Saami, will drive with me during my eight weeks road trip of approximately 5.500 km. Six small action camera’s (GoPro’s) will record all conversations and situations on the road simultaneously. During Picnic-Quizzes in Hasselt, The Hague, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg, more people are able to participate. Questions about decolonization will be posed to the audience in the setting of a quiz, combined with fancy snacks and colorful picnic blankets to create a dynamic atmosphere. After each quiz-question, the colors of the picnic blankets symbolize the possible answers the participants can choose from. Hence people are stimulated to move around. Every answer comes with different snacks in matching colors, and the participants will be motivated to share opinions during the sharing of the snacks.




29 June – Niva Farewell Party @ Z33, Hasselt (BE) - see invitation

30 June – Niva Farewell Party @ Gemak, The Hague (NL) - see invitation

03 July – Picnic-Quiz @ Greenlandic House, Copenhagen (DK) - see invitation

07 July – Picnic-Quiz @ Observatorielunden, Stockholm (SE)- see invitation

13 July – Picnic-Quiz @ HIAP Suomenlinna, Helsinki (FI)- see invitation

18 July – Picnic-Quiz @ New Holland (under reservation), St. Petersburg (RU)



The NIVA TO NENETS project receives funding by Kunstendecreet (Flemish Ministry for Culture), the Dutch Embassy in Moscow, and Fund Roger Dillemans. The project is part of a PhD in the Arts, studied at and supported by MAD-faculty.