Shortly about the Niva:

I bought my Lada Niva second-hand in 2006. Since then I always have this happy, joyful feeling when I see her. I think she is cute, but strong. Lovely, but stubborn. Although you could say that I am more or less in love with this car, we are not a perfect match. Every time I drive her on the highway she is telling me that she is made for tundra instead, by shaking me thoroughly. And now that her LPG installation is broken she is consuming huge amounts of gasoline, while I wish to drive a car that is less polluting. Bringing her back to Russia seems to be the best solution for both of us. I believe the Nenets can give her the life she deserves.

Me and my Niva

What does a Lada Niva mean to you? Do you think it is a good idea to give mine away, or not? Why?

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  • Lars

    I am so glad that you and your Lada has crossed the border to Russia. To me your Lada Niva is The Lada, since we met and I saw her at Observatorielunden in Stockholm. I can understand you love her. It will be a gift from your heart to the Nenets.

  • Sanne

    I’m actually not that experienced with cars, or with feelings for lada’s. But I’m sure a Niva can make someone happy. Hope you find that someone along the trip!

    Heelveel succes met de Niva to Nenets, Rosanne! Jammer dat ik er niet geraakt ben op jullie afscheidsfeestje in Den Haag, kan hier gelukkig jullie avonturen van een afstand volgen…

  • Anders

    The Lada Niva reminds me about my childhood when my onkel had a Lada Vaz, and the first time we whent to our reindeers in the forest, this was the end of the 80-s. I think and hope the Lada Niva can bring some joy or help for the Nenets.

  • Kristjana

    Lada Sport som bilen hedder er rigtig nok udmærket off-Road jeep. Motoren er en stilfærdig tøf tøf der klarer utrolige meget og også fin on-Road!

    (Lada Sport is a car known as a realy outstanding off-road jeep. The engine is a quiet chug-chug performing incredibly good and also good on-road!)

  • Jeroen

    I think it is a good idea to (try) to give your Niva to a Nenets family. You work from a sincere and genuin feeling and this is universal.

  • Aartjan

    Ondankt dat de russische lada niet welkom lijkt gewoon doorzetten en morgen is het toch anders

  • Jan en Annie v.d. Bosch

    Wij hopen dat de Niva zonder al te veel problemen op de plaats van bestemming aan zal komen, dat de mensen daar er nog vele jaren plezier van mogen hebben.

  • -

    Ik vind het een goed idee om jouw Niva aan de Nenets te geven, te meer omdat jij er al eens geweest bent en weet waar hij/zij terecht kom!

  • -

    Niva, the car that unites peoples!

  • Liliana and Leo

    Strong car, tough story.

  • Another Student

    Lada Niva makes me think of Russia, with men wearing these typical fluffy hats.
    It makes me think of a tank, a square-ish car that can survive tough conditions. But the comfort and looks aren’t very up to date, proving that taste and priorities differ and the personal feeling about something is important.

  • Another Student

    Sign of Russian Communism.
    - Car for everybody, all as equals
    - Old but thrustworkly (?) car, has been around for many many years and has not changed – Nostalgia?

    For some reason this car reminds me of George Orwells book The Animal Farm. Everybody is equal, but some one more than the others.

  • Anonymous Student

    Niva is a rebel. She does not want to belong to fashion or what is “cool”. She has her own style and is not affraid to show it. This car roars anarchy.

    (I have never been in a Lada Niva, but I can only imagine the thrill it must be to drive her on the open road in contrast to the other cars. My parents, however, did drive a Niva on their honeymoon in Crete. They rented it at a shabby rental car agency and, needless to say, looking back to it, they always have a laugh about it.)