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Just as for any other roadmovie, the route is basically dictating the locations and moments of filming. Driving, being on the road and covering distances is usually more important than the final destination. Though the purpose of the journey, closely connected to the destination, gives direction and creates suspense.

The route for NIVA TO NENETS is explicitly through Scandinavia and not through Eastern Europe in order to create a closer connection to the participating Inuit via Denmark and Saami via Sweden and Finland. Several infrastructural locations give guaranty for visual attractive scenes, such as two beautiful bridges in Denmark (De Great Belt Bridge en de Oresund Bridge) and two picturesque ferries in the Åland archipelago. The crossing the Finnish-Russian border, where the Niva needs to be imported, will result in valuable images, just as the almost tangible difference in atmosphere as soon as the border is passed. The Russian part of the route will by far be the longest part of the journey, where the amount of distance per day is significantly lower. The last thousand kilometers are inaccessible without a four wheel driven car. This part of the route will be driven with two cars and experienced drivers with good knowledge of the road. At Ust’-Cilma both cars and passengers will be shipped to Naryan Mar over the Petsjora river. Naryan Mar is the capital of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug and counts around 20 thousand citizens. The city is only 110 kilometer south from the Barents Sea and is surrounded by tundra and taiga. On these stretched fields the Nenets herd their reindeer. Their nomadic livelihood makes it impossible to predict where in this region the route and the roadmovie will end exactly.