Niva to Nenets

In the Niva to Nenets project, a Lada Niva is driven from Belgium to the Nenets people in Arctic Russia as part of an interactive road-movie. My wish to support the Nenets by giving them my car is the premise of this documentary story and gave cause to many valuable discussions on the road. The Lada Niva functioned as a small mobile film studio, equipped with seven GoPro cameras. Situations and conversations on the road were recorded simultaneously from different view angles, while participants drove certain parts of the long trip with me. Public events (Picnic-Quizzes) enabled a broader audience to share their opinions, experiences and concerns. An interactive story is composed out of over 350 hours of film footage (2,37 TB), in which people can switch viewpoints and storylines.

This roadmovie can be watched online at and in an exhibition setting.

The Nenets support organisation Yasavey collaborated in this project. Niva to Nenets is financially supported by Kunstendecreet, Fund Roger Dillemans, and the Dutch Embassy in Moscow.