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NIVA TO NENETS Picnic-Quiz at Danish Art Workshops

During a working period as artist in residence at Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen, I  discussed some aspects of my interactive roadmovie NIVA TO NENETS within the format of a picnic-quiz. I asked the participating people five questions, after which they positioned themselves on the picnic-blanket that resembled the answer of their choice. While matching snacks were served, some interesting discussions on paradoxical aspects of bringing help occured. It was a joyful and inspirational afternoon. This was my second time to give such a picnic-quiz and I am very happy with how it went!

The Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples Secreatariat wrote a nice article about this event: http://www.arcticpeoples.org/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=498:indigenous-day-tribute&Itemid=2

And so did Danish Art Workshops: http://svfk.dk/dk/Service/Nyheder/picnicdebat (only in Danish…)

Artistic fieldwork in Kilpisjärvi

In September and October 2011 I am doing artistic fieldwork in Kilpisjärvi for the FOOD RELATED project, while I am at the Biological Research Station owned by the University of Helsinki. Although it is mostly biologists who do their fieldwork in this isolated place within the Arctic Circle, the Finnish Bioart Society runs an artist-in-residence program here as well.

During these months I am developing cultural probes packages that will be used for participatory practices. These probes are made to be used in workshops and at home.

In the meantime I am studying local food and food culture, and do a lot of hiking around on the tundra. I am very happy and thankful for being here!

Some new collected food entries from this region can be found at www.foodrelated.org

Website Bioart Society: http://bioartsociety.fi/

Website Kilpisjärvi Research Station: http://www.helsinki.fi/kilpis/english/index.htm

Residency blog: http://www.kilpiscope.net/residency/

NIVA TO NENETS working period in Kronstadt

I have been working as an artist in residence at Cyland in Kronstadt, near St. Petersburg, for the project NIVA TO NENETS.  The Russian National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA) invited me to work here for a couple of weeks on the organisation and production of this roadmovie. These weeks were very well spent: valuable conversations and insights took place and the working document made great progress. I have visited many people and organisations, including some in Archangelsk…. to find out that not Archangelsk but Naryan Mar will become the final destination of the roadmovie!