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A picnic before the fair…

Audiovisual projects are too often only shared with the audience when they are finished. During interviews, lectures and other presentational channels people get informed about the creation process, but usually only after this process is closed. As a day after the fair it comes with a waste of possibilities while uncovering the process can lead to valuable insights and involvement. Making the creation process public can and will also influence the project itself, generally in a positive way.

To open up the creation of my interactive roadmovie NIVA TO NENETS, I developed a so-called picnic-quiz as a medium for sharing ideas, concerns and other specifics. In this audiovisual project I will drive my beloved Lada Niva from Belgium to the Nenets in the northwest of the Russian Federation, driven by the wish to give this small off-road vehicle to an indigenous reindeer herding family who is struggling with accelerated climate change and their adaption to modernity. Such a gift comes with many side effects, which will be discussed on the road with a changing group of co-drivers. A couple of these paradoxical aspects of bringing help are discussed during three picnic-quizzes, held at Extrapool in Nijmegen, Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen and the 12th Participatory Design Conference in Roskilde.  The format of a quiz was chosen to pose questions to the audience in a ludic way, combined with fancy snacks and colorful picnic blankets to create a dynamic atmosphere. After each quiz-question, the colors of the picnic blankets symbolized the possible answers the participants could choose from. Hence they were stimulated to move around. Every answer came with different snacks in matching colors. Where food in general has the ability to bond, it stimulates sharing and exchange even more when it comes in multiple bite-sized shapes.

NIVA TO NENETS picnic-quiz at Danish Art Workshops, Copenhagen 2012NIVA TO NENETS picnic-quiz at Danish Art Workshops, and at the Participatory Design Conference 2012

All three picnic-quizzes were pleasurable events. The format turned out to be astonishing strong in turning the audience into participants. Even before the first question was dropped, during an introductive talk about the project and its intentions, people were more open and at ease than at regular presentational talks. I am convinced that the sitting on the ground plays a major role in this, as it removes the imaginary fourth wall between speaker and listeners. I am also convinced that the huge amount of preparation work that precedes a picnic-quiz is a major factor in its success. People see, feel and appreciate the caring, making them care too. Especially when people are asked for their responses, opinions and ideas, they should at least get twice as much in return, I believe. This not only underlines the appreciation of their contribution, but also helps in opening up the otherwise so preserved creation process. Holding these picnic-quizzes on the eve of the fair instead of the day after strengthens not only the project but also its bond with the audience. A picnic-quiz can therefore do more than making a project public: it invites people to become part of the project by turning the audience into participants.

NIVA TO NENETS Picnic-Quiz at PDC’12

I have presented the  NIVA TO NENETS project at the Participatory Design Conference in Roskilde, during a picnic-quiz. In three questions I asked the motivated group of participants about their opinion and concerns related to some side-effects of bringing help to an indigenous people (specifically the Nenets, a semi-nomadic reindeer herding people in the northwest of the Russian Federation). The answers to the quiz-questions were connected to colourful picnic-blankets with matching picnic-snacks. A mock-up Lada Niva made from wood and felt stimulated the creative minds and the feeling of togetherness.


NIVA TO NENETS Picnic-Quiz at Danish Art Workshops

During a working period as artist in residence at Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen, I  discussed some aspects of my interactive roadmovie NIVA TO NENETS within the format of a picnic-quiz. I asked the participating people five questions, after which they positioned themselves on the picnic-blanket that resembled the answer of their choice. While matching snacks were served, some interesting discussions on paradoxical aspects of bringing help occured. It was a joyful and inspirational afternoon. This was my second time to give such a picnic-quiz and I am very happy with how it went!

The Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples Secreatariat wrote a nice article about this event: http://www.arcticpeoples.org/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=498:indigenous-day-tribute&Itemid=2

And so did Danish Art Workshops: http://svfk.dk/dk/Service/Nyheder/picnicdebat (only in Danish…)

NIVA TO NENETS Picnic-Quiz at Extrapool

Vrijdag 8 Juni, Extrapool, Tweede Walstraat 5, 6511 LN Nijmegen, Nederland.

NIVA TO NENETS is een interactieve roadmovie waarvoor Rosanne van Klaveren in 2013 haar Lada Niva naar de Nenets in het noordwesten van Rusland zal rijden. Dit (semi-)nomadische rendierhoudersvolk worstelt met het voortbestaan van traditionele leefwijzen. De kunstenaar wil haar geliefde auto ter ondersteuning aan hen kado doen. Samen met haar publiek onderzoekt zij hoe paradoxaal ‘hulp brengen’ eigenlijk is en welke posities zij ten opzichte van de Nenets in kan nemen. Ieder standpunt is gekoppeld aan een bijpassend picknick-hapje en vormt een mogelijk antwoord op de quiz-vragen. De deelnemers kunnen ter plekke hun positie verdedigen in een geïmproviseerde filmstudio en zodoende een rol spelen in de NIVA TO NENETS roadmovie.

De ‘zaal’ gaat open om 20:30 uur en we starten om 21:00 uur. Extrapool vraagt 5 euro entree.